Why you should choose a cabin over a hotel.

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

So you have decided to plan your vacation to Gatlinburg, but can't decide if you'd like to stay in a cabin or a hotel. Well, us at Tennessee Stays are here to help! Below are four reasons why you should stay at Mountain Honey, a secluded, one bedroom cabin that is easy access to Gatlinburg.

1) The Cost

A cabin rental might have a similar price as a hotel room, but keep in mind the savings of not having to go out to eat for every meal. The cost of eating out for every meal is pricey and adds up very quickly. At Mountain Honey, you have a fully equipped kitchen with everything you need to cook a five course meal, as well as a dining room to enjoy quality family time during each meal. Also, keep in mind that Mountain Honey is only 5 minutes to the local grocery store, Food City.

2) The Space

Lets admit it, hotel rooms are very cramped and the room itself is boring and bland. Mountain Honey's interior boasts a rustic cabin vibe and with room to move around in. What makes Mountain Honey lovable is the open floor plan with amenities that you won't find in a hotel room, including a wood burning fireplace, heart shaped whirlpool in the bedroom, and a private hot tub on the deck to enjoy after a long day of hiking the trails.

3) Privacy

I don't know about you, but, people running up and down hotel halls at all hours is not how I want to spend a vacation. I'd rather have the peaceful seclusion of a cabin. If you come to Gatlinburg, you most likely want to enjoy nature. Mountain Honey is off the beaten path, giving you peace and quiet to truly appreciate Mother Nature. The cabin is secluded in the woods, but not too far from the city of Gatlinburg. Hotels are great for the city, but a cabin is much more ideal when you are vacationing in The Smoky Mountains.

4) Home Away From Home

When you are staying in a hotel, it is just a place to sleep. When you stay at a cabin you have your own little home. Mountain Honey has a private bedroom with a bathroom attached, kitchen, dining room, and a living room to relax and enjoy time with your significant other or family. Also, another major plus is you have your own washer/dryer and you don't have to leave your room to wash clothes, unlike a hotel.

These are just a few examples of why you should vacation at a private cabin over a hotel room. You can save money in the long run, have enough space to move around, enjoy privacy, and have a home away from home feel. I hope that you are ready to enjoy your stay with us when you come to Gatlinburg. If you have any questions about planning your trip, please contact us and we can help give you the best tips and advice for every adventure that you'd like to take.

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