Why you should book directly over platforms such as Airbnb or VBRO.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Summer is right around the corner and people are searching for the best site to go through to book their next vacation. What most future travelers don't realize is that there are more efficient options than booking through big OTA's (Online Travel Agencies), which can save you money and hassle in the long run.

1) Book direct and save money.

We know that searching for the best cabin for your stay can be stressful and take up so much time. In addition, when you finally find your perfect place, you are bombarded with excess service or administration fees. Airbnb or VRBO will charge a service fee for up to 15% of your stay. Cabin rental agencies will typically tack on an administrative fee of $60, just to go through them. That is why it is great to book directly through an owner, considering you don't have the extra fees and you can spend that money on what you really want... your vacation.

2) When you book direct, you have personal contact with the owner.

Even though booking online is nothing new, you still want the peace of mind of knowing you made the right decision. When booking through OTA's, most properties are run by a property manager or company that doesn't know the property top to bottom. When you book directly, you have the security of knowing that you will get accurate answers to every important question you have.

3) The owner is familiar with the area.

Owners of vacation rentals have vast intellect and tips about activities, restaurants, and attractions in the area. They also can tell you events that are taking place when you are visiting and help you find the best deals on attractions.

So you ask, how can you find a vacation rental by owner? Try searching on Facebook, for example, "Smoky Mountain Vacation Rental By Owner" and post the date, guest and other criteria. Also, you can search Houfy in your preferred search engine. All of the listings will direct you straight to the owners' website, where you can book directly.

Given these points, we hope that you decide to book our cabin when you visit Gatlinburg. Mountain Honey is a one bedroom cabin, only seven minutes to the heart of Gatlinburg and ten minutes to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Mountain Honey has a fully equipped kitchen, hot tub, wood fireplace, and a heart shaped whirlpool in the bedroom. Hopefully, we took the stress away of 'booking in the dark', so you can start your vacation experience the right way!

Thank you for reading our blog! Safe travels and well wishes!

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