Honest Review Of The Local Goat

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

First and foremost, I have no affiliation with The Local Goat. I'm just an advocate of their restaurant.

Every time I go to the Smokies, I'm always looking for a new place to eat, but I never fail to venture off to my favorite spot, The Local Goat. What I enjoy about The Local Goat is not just that they have great food, but all the food is sustained locally and that the beef is never frozen and is also hand cut by the chefs.

Once seated, my waiter/waitress is always attentive and knows the menu from front to back, including the beer and wine menu. Which is a major plus, since their drink menu has so many great options.

If you are in the mood for a beer, The Local Goat has 24 beers on tap, most of which are local breweries in the area. Or if you love a glass of wine, The Local Goat has red, white, and blushes.

No need to fear if you or someone in your group is a picky eater, because wow, their menu is vast. You can choose from traditional American classics like wings, burgers, rib-eyes to seafood and Italian. Now, onto my favorite item off the menu, The Elvis. The Elvis is the most unique and unusual burger I have ever seen. If you are afraid of venturing out and trying something new on your burger then this burger is definitely not for you. If anyone is a fan of The King then they know that he loved his peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Even so much as waking up his entourage in the middle of the night just to get on a plane from Graceland to Denver to get one of his beloved sandwiches. So now, after this quick story you will better understand the meaning of why it is called The Elvis, the burger features peanut butter, smoked bacon, and fried bananas.

Thank you for reading my honest review on The Local Goat and make sure to visit the restaurant all the locals rave about.

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